Dating rules for men over 60

Nowadays, plenty of single men in their 60's are looking for a relationship online. There are many of dating rules for men over 60 that can help with starting the dating game later in their lives.

Below are some dating rules for men over 60:

Dating rule 1: Be kind, respectful and, most of all, courteous on your dates. Have gentleman's manners and open car's door or open restaurant's door. It's viewed as polite. Try to do things that make your date feel one of a kind.

Dating rule 2: Ladies still like to be asked out, but don't be surprised if a woman asks you out on a date first.
Dating rule 3: There aren't many rules about who's responsibility it is to plan or pay for the date. Men are still expected to pick up the bill. It may seem old-fashioned, but very polite. However, don't be surprised if your lady date would like to pay for herself.
Dating rule 4: Do not be late for the date. Try to be punctual, it impresses the ladies.
Dating rule 5: Start courting rather slowly and see how you date reacts to you flirting with her. Things will develop naturally.

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